Arouses the strongest emotional responses, can effect the apparent proportions and light at a place and can make the same space seem cool or warm, restful or stimulating, depending upon one’s choice. Alighting on the right harmony and contrasts is therefore important.

The decoration you choose should be appropriate for the style of your event and function. Choosing a successful decoration scheme involves considering the following elements: Decide on the overall STYLE.

SPACE SIZE can be visually altered with decoration. Medium to dark tones scale down the size of a large room; while light, bright tones open up and make a small room appear larger.


Creating the desired MOOD can be accomplished by the same. Cool decoration themes can create soothing atmospheres for quieter events like conferences, meetings etc. Warm, active themes such should be considered for family functions or other merry making events like wedding, birthday party, sagai etc.

Determining which decoration will coordinate with your event is a big challenge for many people. Knowing our few popular decoration schemes will give you the confidence to give a X-factor coefficient to your event .Visit our decoration gallery for the schemes.

The right decoration scheme creates UNITY tying your entire guests together in a harmonious decorating mood. Ambience speaks more than anything else. First impression is the last impression and it iscreated through the décor and the ambience

Type of Events that can be arranged by us :-

  • Traditional & Modern Puppet Shows
  • Magic Shows
  • Folk Dance
  • Rajasthani Ghumer & Lokgeet
  • Bhopa Bhopu
  • Gujrati Dandiya
  • Mehandiwali
  • Longman, Mickey Mouse
  • Bhawai Dance
  • Tattoo Making
  • Joker, Charlie, Jaglar
  • Balloon Decoration
  • Candy & Popcorn Machines
  • Jai Mala Stage, Palki, Doli, Mashal Man
  • Punjabi Bhangra
  • Kalbelia Dance
  • Troup Dance, Item Dance, Dj or any type of shows.